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Employee Verification

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, it has become imperative to ascertain the integrity of staff identity. Most managers have hired people who interviewed well, speak well and seem to have the skills to deliver on the job only to discover that they are problem employees with questionable characters. Employee verification and background check can become your first line of defence.

Know your Customer (KYC) Verification

Financial institutions have a lengthy list of Anti-Money Laundering compliance requirements. They face a mountain of risks from a large number of financial transactions, each of which can carry significant risks. With Aideplanet KYC verification we help you mitigate risk, prevent identity fraud so you comply with the requirements.

We Optimize your Business

Conducting a Background check that is tailored to the requirements of the position not only helps to lessen the potential for on-the-job incidents, it can also help organizations avoid or defend potential negligent hiring lawsuits.

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