Background Check Services

We provide competent verification services to meet your business needs by leveraging our technology network ‘Verizyn’. As an employer, running a background check on prospective employee will help you obtain more information about the individual’s knowledge, skills, abilities and character in order to make the right candidate choice for your business. We provide full range of background check and screening services for all categories of employees in a cost effective, flexible, and timely manner.

Our various Background Check Services includes:

Certificate Verification: We help verify the certification of your prospective employee or staff.

Professional Qualification Verification: We help verify the skills and qualification of your employee.

Employment History Checks: We help verify the work experience of your employee in one click.

Reference Checks: We help to determine the authencity of your employee concerning their previous place of work.

Guarantors Confirmation & Checks: We determine and verify the existence of any guarantor

Customer Verification: We help you to know if your customers are whom they are. This feature is applicable to Banks and Financial Institutions